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    • Spatiotemporal variations of riverine flood fatalities: 70 years global to regional perspective 

      Hamidifar, Hossein; Nones, Michael (IWHR Wiley, 2023-05-14)
      Floods are among the most devastating natural hazards worldwide. While rainfall is the primary trigger of floods, human activities and climate change can exacerbate the impacts of floods and lead to more significant economic ...
    • Tidal modulation of river-flood deposits: How low can you go? 

      Maselli, Vittorio; Normandeau, Alexandre; Nones, Michael; Tesi, Tommaso; Langone, Leonardo; Trincardi, Fabio; Bohacs, Kevin M. (The Geological Society of America, 2020)
      Quantification of the interaction between river discharge and tides is vital to characterize fluvio-deltaic systems, to identify diagnostic elements of tidal signatures in the rock record, and to reconstruct paleogeographies. ...
    • Transport Phenomena in Hydraulics 

      Rowiński, Paweł (ed.) (Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2007)