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      Basin erosion; Landscape evolution model; Numerical modelling; Surface processes; River networks [1]
      Carpathian Foredeep; Seismic imaging; Traveltime tomography; Near-surface; Joint seismic interpretation [1]
      DHABSIM solver; iRIC suite; numerical modelling; Po River; River2D solver; river habitat [1]
      distributary channel; Hec-Ras modeling; Po River; tidal influence; river hydromorphodynamics [1]
      flood risk management plans; floods directive; iRIC suite; morphodynamics; numerical model; Secchia River [1]
      inteinterdisciplinary, natural science, open schooling, research, trans-disciplinarily understanding [1]
      Long term suspended sediment transport monitoring with a novel acoustic method validated with direct samples in two different case studies, Characterization of inorganic and organic fractions in suspended sediment transport, Flow discharge to suspended sediment concentration curves and hysteresis analysis through hydrological events [1]
      Magnetism [1]
      observation system, citizen science, natural sciences, interdisciplinary, STEM [1]
      scientific interest, measurement, secondary school [1]
      secondary education, STEM, competition, arctic environment, polar regions, outside classroom activities, PERMA model [1]
      STEM education, research, educational packages, STEM teachers, secondary schools, scientific database, scientific messages [1]
      STEM education, the Arctic, polar research, webinars, online lessons, environmental monitoring [1]
      STEM, secondary schools, online lessons [1]
      time capsule, Svalbard, Precambrian, language of ‘objects’ [1]