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      Ethiopia; Fincha river; land use land cover; land change modeler; multi-layer Markov chain [1]
      Europe, Controlled source seismology, Wave propagation, Continental tectonics: extensional, Crustal structure, Intra-plate processes [1]
      Europe, flood risk mapping, floods directive, river morphology, sediment transport, water framework directive [1]
      Finite-difference methods, guided waves, coal seam, excavation damaged zone, dispersive waves, seismic channel waves, in-seam seismic, underground coal mining [1]
      flood risk management plans; floods directive; iRIC suite; morphodynamics; numerical model; Secchia River [1]
      GIS [1]
      GIS; remote sensing; groundwater potential assessment; analytical hierarchy processes; weight overlay analysis; West Arsi Zone [1]
      groundwater [1]
      inteinterdisciplinary, natural science, open schooling, research, trans-disciplinarily understanding [1]
      lithosphere, asthenosphere, deep faults, sutures, subcrustal decompaction, crust—mantle mixture, paleosubduction zones, East European Platform, Scythian Plate, East Black Sea Basin [1]
      Long term suspended sediment transport monitoring with a novel acoustic method validated with direct samples in two different case studies, Characterization of inorganic and organic fractions in suspended sediment transport, Flow discharge to suspended sediment concentration curves and hysteresis analysis through hydrological events [1]
      Magnetism [1]
      observation system, citizen science, natural sciences, interdisciplinary, STEM [1]
      Polish polar infrastructure [1]
      Polish polar research [1]
      Polish polar research potential [1]
      Polish polar scientific publications [1]
      polska infrastruktura polarna [1]
      polski potencjał badawczy badań polarnych [1]
      polskie badania polarne [1]